New Publication. New Plan for 2020.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

This time, my resolution came well before the ball dropped.

Unforeseen unsteadiness in my ghostwriting job encouraged it.

Living in a nicotine-colored trailer from the ’70s with a gnarly, ominous crack running the length of the ceiling encouraged it.

A general boost in sense of self-efficacy, the sort that leads chanters to tell themselves “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it” and leads the rest of us to just know that without the chanting, encouraged it.

In 2020, this writing thing–love and bane of my life since kindergarten (notably, the same year I realized that boys were great fun to look at and hold hands with but weren’t exactly “love of my life” material)–was going to work.

And . . . so far, so good.

I’m happy to report I was commissioned to write a piece for the Medium-owned publication Forge for inclusion in their “How to Talk to Anyone” series, a collection of essays that deals with moving beyond superficial dialogue to genuine communication, even in thorny circumstances.

That essay, “How to Talk to Someone With a Mental Illness,” is out today.

And on that note, I am discontinuing my writing on this blog. At least outside of updates like this one.

I’ll still make an effort to keep up with my blog reading. I wish all of you with ongoing writing projects of your own the very best. And I’ll miss my small-potatoes publication here. It was good ol’ parameterless fun.

If you’d like to keep up with me, the majority of my writing will probably continue to appear on Medium:

I also have an email list now. Linking to it exceeds my technical know-how. However, if you go to my website (, you will immediately find yourself annoyed by a popup.

And you should keep up with me. I’ll be writing about the great broing out of country music, how gay dragons exposed the problem with our current system of media reviews, and why I think my schizophrenic brain occasionally thinks Dave Grohl hates me.

It promises to be an interesting year.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for writing. Thank you for listening to and talking about good music.

Yours in sex, drugs, and that other thing,

Joannie Penderwick

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